The Fuji Xerox product stewardship approach|Resources and links
The Fuji Xerox product stewardship approach|Resources and links

The Fuji Xerox product stewardship approach

Design for environment

Every piece of Fuji Xerox equipment, from multifunction office devices to high volume production presses is designed with the environment in mind, enabling our customers to feel confident that they are working with an environmentally responsible business partner. Our parent company’s environmental initiatives start from the design stage of product development, where we incorporate technologies that:

• Eliminate the need to use hazardous material such as lead-based solder;

• Enable low energy consumption during use of the machine;

• Utilise innovative and energy efficient toner and ink technologies;

• Minimise the use of new resources; and

• Will later facilitate the remanufacture or recycling of used machines and parts.

During product design a series of policies that will later support remanufacturing and recycling are applied. These policies allow for the disassembly of standardised, long-life parts and the use of high-rigidity materials that can be easily recycled. This creates the right conditions for efficient management throughout the product life cycle and end-of-life product recycling.

End-of-life product stewardship

In Asia Pacific, Fuji Xerox Company Limited has four purpose-built state of the art remanufacturing, reuse and recycling facilities in Japan, China, Thailand and Australia that achieve over 99 percent resource recovery from our products at end-of-life.

We take back products, parts and toner cartridges returned by our customers and send them for remanufacturing and recycling, either at our Sydney-based Eco Manufacturing site (for remanufacturing) or to domestic third-party recyclers, depending upon the type of product being recycled – equipment, non-returnable parts or consumables such as toner cartridges.

There are opportunities to improve the levels of remanufacture and reuse in our ‘closed loop’ systems so that the embodied energy in our product components is retained. Ultimately the rationale for taking our products back at end-of-life is not just related to responsible ‘waste’ management; remanufacturing and reusing parts allows us to reduce new resource input and to cut the carbon footprint of new product manufacture.

Fuji Xerox Australia's Eco Manufacturing Centre

“By embracing extended producer responsibility and through its approach to remanufacturing of equipment and parts, Fuji Xerox has demonstrated a commitment to environmental responsibility and efficiency.

Fuji Xerox Australia can be justifiably proud of its efforts to become a ‘sustainable corporation’ by grasping thestrategic business value and opportunities inherent in sustainability challenges.

Its leadership in aspects of corporate sustainability provides a benchmark for other organisations.”

Dexter Dunphy
Distinguished Professor, School of Management, University of Technology, Sydney