Paper and the environment

Paper is part of everyday life, and with its physical properties and conveniences satisfies a communication need not always met by digital media. In fact, the use of office paper has increased rather than decreased over the last several decades as a result of the ‘information revolution’.

Papermaking is a highly industrialised process and has potential environmental impacts to our world’s forests, air, water, and soils. It is therefore important to understand and mitigate the environmental impacts of paper use across its life cycle – from raw material acquisition, manufacture distribution, use and disposal.

Our goal at Fuji Xerox is to work with paper manufacturers in supporting the development of a sustainable paper cycle. This means ensuring that our paper is derived from paper mills with sustainably managed fibre sources and manufacturing processes with reduced environmental impacts.

Chain of custody and the paper supply chain

Chain of custody follows the legal and physical ownership of wood and paper products through the supply chain and ensures that at every stage, agreed systems and processes are in place to guarantee the integrity of the certified products. That means that any organisation that takes legal ownership of a product and wants to pass on the right to make a claim about the product needs to hold a Chain of Custody certificate.

Put another way, anyone who buys product from a supplier that does not have a Chain of Custody cannot make a claim about the product or label the product. This applies to every type of organisation in the supply chain: manufacturers, wholesalers, merchants and printers. This is why merchants handling certified paper need to be certified. Similarly, printers need to be certified.