Resources to help you make the right choice

Is your organisation committed to environmental sustainability? Do you need help identifying paper’s environmental impacts and how the industry is addressing them? Do you have criteria for responsible paper procurement but need guidance understanding how to assess compliance?

Fuji Xerox has developed resources to answer some of these questions, clarify a complex area, and provide transparency about where the pulp and paper industry has improved practice and where there is room for further improvement.

Paper certification and responsible procurement

Increasing numbers of responsible organisations seek evidence for paper’s environmental credentials. However the environmental issues are not always straightforward and when combined with a broadening array of environmental paper ranges and certification systems, responsible paper procurement can become a complex undertaking.

The fact is that paper production has a range of potential environmental impacts that are not easily grasped. Some information sources can be biased either way and sometimes miss a significant issue. Key environmental issues of concern are fibre sourcing, water and energy use and emissions to water, land and air as well as greenhouse gas emissions and recycled content of paper. Forestry, pulp and paper production also has social implications in terms of indigenous peoples and labour practices. There are also corporate governance issues to be considered in terms of the application of standards-based management practices and transparency on sustainability performance. The challenge for those responsible for paper procurement is to get across how different paper suppliers manage each of these issues and choose a paper stock and paper supplier that best fits your organisation needs and values.

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Our commitment

Starting with the source of the fibre used to make the paper, through its manufacture and use, Fuji Xerox strives to minimise the environmental impact of paper production and provide our customers with paper that meets both business needs and environmental criteria. Fuji Xerox is committed to enabling the efficient use of paper and to working only with responsible paper manufacturers and suppliers. Our goal with the ‘Paper Facts’ is to help customers understand the issues around paper and the environment and provide resources to enable responsible procurement.